3 ways to enjoy coffee in an extra special way

Do you love the smell of freshly brewed coffee? Rich, heart-warming and coziness in a cup. But hey! Thereโ€™s more out there than just your regular cup. Have you ever made your own espresso martini, coffee-flavored steak rub, or own โ€œbetter than Starbucksโ€-creation? We have got you covered! Here are 3 delicious new ways to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.

You are here because you love coffee, right? Then get cooking and make some delicious coffee treats!

Easy homemade espresso martini

An easy Espresso martini with coffee liquor and vodka. Cold coffee just got a whole lot more interesting. Just perfectly balanced. It tastes almost like a liquid dessert.

Carefully place 3 coffee beans on top of your drink for the proper cocktail bar look. Get the recipe here.

Espresso steak rub for extra flavor and a crunchy crust

Enjoy a steak coated with a spicy espresso rub. The rub gives an incredible depth of flavor will create a crunchy bark on the outside of your steak. Crunchy outside, juicy middle! Did your mouth just start to water as well? Get the recipe here.

Better than Starbucks: Simple white chocolate coffee

Do you love Starbucks but want to save a few bucks? Make your own coffee with white chocolate flavor at home. No syrups, no bullshit. Delicious coffee with the subtle creamy flavor of white chocolate. Done in 5 minutes. What are you waiting for?

DNA test – How sensitive to caffeine are you?

Is one cup keeping in the afternoon keeping you up at night or can you just keep pouring coffee into yourself? I gulp down a lot more coffee than people around me. Turned out there is a reason for that.

Not too long ago, I did a DNA test to understand how I can more efficiently feed my body. In the results, I also learned that I break down caffeine more quickly and effectively than most other people. How sensitive to caffeine are you?

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