CKBK: How the Spotify for cookbooks solves your daily 5 pm dinner dilemma

Solve your daily 5 pm dinner dilemma once and for all!

Are you tired of not knowing what to cook? 5 pm comes around, you had a long day and you have no inspiration what to put onto the table. Sounds familiar?

There are millions and millions of recipes out there but you just feel overwhelmed – and hungry (maybe even hangry). Solve your 5 pm dinner dilemma with ckbk – the Spotify for cookbooks. Find your perfect 30-minute weeknight meal with just 3 clicks.

ckbk app screenshot searching for chicken curry recipes

Feel like chicken, feel like curry? Here’s your dinner inspiration: quick Jamaican chicken, pepper and squash curry

Whatever you are craving ckbk has you covered

Craving chocolate brownies? A Thai shrimp stir-fry? Or a roasted lemon chicken? ckbk provides you with a fix for your craving. There are already over 85.000 recipes from over 100 national cuisines to choose from. New cookbooks are added every month.

ckbk app screenshot searching for brownie recipes

More reliable than the free recipes on Google

Ever tried an online recipe that didn’t work and turned out to be really bad? ckbk features cookbooks from the 1000 most influential cookbooks of all times. All cookbooks are carefully curated and recommended by hundreds of chef’s, bloggers and food professionals. Tried and tested by thousands and thousands of home cooks. Save yourself and your family the trial and error.

ckbk app screenshot of quotes from food professionals

All your favorite recipes in one place

Create your own little cookbooks with the recipes that you love. Save recipes in collections to keep track of your favorites. Are Aunt Brigitte and Uncle Peter having a family potluck feast in 2 weeks? Add the recipes that you’d like to prepare to a collection – your own little custom cookbook.

ckbk app screenshot adding a recipe to a collection

Looking for some great ideas for your next family potluck? Save recipes in a collection to keep them together

ckbk is cheaper than your standard Netflix subscription

Are you interested in owning a cookbook collection or do you want to know what to cook tonight? You probably want a solution to your problem – now. That’s why subscriptions have become the new normal. ckbk solves your 5 pm dinner dilemma once and for all for $8.99 a month (/€9.49 a month).

ckbk app screenshot of newly added cookbooks

You want to become a better cook and consider buying the “Culinary Artistry by Andrew Dornenburg and Karen Page? The paperback is about $20 on Amazon. You can read it cover to cover on ckbk alongside 350+ other bestsellers for $8.99 per month on ckbk.

Get 30% off your ckbk subscription if you use this link

All French culinary terms easily explained

Are you not 100% sure what to do when you read brunoise, confit or sous vide? ckbk is also your free cooking dictionary. Understand cooking jargon instantly.

ckbk app screenshot of cooking term julienne explained

What is julienne cut vegetables? Just type in a culinary term you do not know and ckbk provides you with an answer in a single second

Classic to modern: Hundreds of year’s worth of recipes at your fingertips

ckbk takes you on a journey through the centuries. From the classic works of Auguste Escoffier and Elizabeth David, to the modern recipes of Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson. The works of the greatest chefs throughout history all available with a push of a button

ckbk app screenshot of newly added cookbooks

The oldest cookbook on ckbk is from 1660 (in case you want to prepare a proper old-English 39-course feast). At ckbk, they add new ones every single month

Be part of a new generation of cooks

Do you love the touch of a paper book? You probably love convince more. Your paper cookbooks are at home while you are on the way to the supermarket.

ckbk is at the frontier of digitalizing the world of cookbooks. More convenient for you as a reader. Available on your phone, tablet, and laptop. Recipes from the cookbooks you love, whenever you need them.

ckbk app screenshot searching for japanese recipes

Try CKBK for free! After your 2 week trial, you get 30% off your subscription if you use this link

Why am I recommending ckbk here?

I met Matt –the passionate co-founder of ckbk- a few months back in the bustling startup scene. His radical new approach to digitizing cookbooks immediately spoke to me.

His product ckbk solves a problem that I personally had for the last 6 years. When I really got into cooking in 2013, I quickly lost track of which recipe was in which cookbook. Once your cookbook collection grows to over 20 cookbooks you probably know what I’m talking about.

I wanted to cook something with broccoli and I knew I had several recipes with broccoli that I still wanted to try. But I had no idea in which cookbooks they were… ckbk finally solves that problem once and for all.

ckbk app screenshot searching for broccoli recipes

Is broccoli in season or on sale at your local farmers market? Here‘s what to do with too much broccoli

Try ckbk for free! After your 2 week trial, you get 30% off your subscription if you use this link

screenshot of news outlets the ckbk app was featured in

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