500 followers on Instagram, so I guess I have to admit it:

I have failed!

I failed so many times in the past and the photos that are up on Instagram and the website are of course only the beautiful ones. Whenever I cook for guests I usually only make dishes that I’ve made before – and there is a reason for that:

I have failed countless times in cooking and baking… Cooking is a very long learning process including a lot of trial-and-error. Countless dishes were barely edible and looked nasty rather than picture-perfect-tasty. Some were tasting bad, some were looking bad, some were burnt, some were raw. I keep failing and will do so in the future, but that’s no reason for me to stop! Most of the fails I created in the past went undocumented, which is probably not that of a bad thing.

Some however were captured on camera and I will try to share all of these on this site. The oldest photos are 10 years old!
Click on the photo, read what went wrong, learn from my mistakes or just have a laugh at my expense! 🙂


And please, no matter how often you fail, keep pushing yourself and get back up again! One day you’ll make it!