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A coaching approach that helps you to feel better in your own skin

Most clients come to me for advice because they want to lose weight and because they want to have more energy. As a certified nutrition coach and weight loss consultant, I am offering 1-on-1 guidance you can trust to help you to get to the weight that you want. This is a more sustainable approach that works without the dreaded yo-yo effect because it helps you to overcome the triggers and pitfalls that have hindered you in the past.

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What would you do with more confidence and self-esteem?

Imagine you break that vicious cycle of dieting and gaining the weight back again. Your weight starts to fall off and stays off because you finally found an approach that is tailored to your unique needs and that actually works for you. How would you feel if you are lighter and more confident in your body? How would all that new-found energy change the way that you approach your day? Would you be able to walk through life happier and with more self-esteem?

The right nutrition is so important because it is the fuel for your body

That means, besides our jobs, and our families, the food we eat probably has one of the biggest influences in our quality of life.

The number of daily problems that go away if you nourish your body the right way is astounding – but that only happens when you actually do something to improve your relationship with food.

If you keep eating the same things, you will keep getting the same disappointing results. But you can change this, with the help of an expert.

Take the first step now and schedule your free intake consult by clicking on the link below. If you want long-lasting results, stop procrastinating and take action now. It’s never too late to start over, especially if you want to change your life for the better.

If you click on the link below now, you get your intake consultation for free. This 45-minute intake consult has a value of €85. It will give you the first insights and tools to make better choices and change your relationship with food. You will get this intake consultation for free because I care about my website visitors.

Try the intake consult for free (valued €85)

Steady progress without the dreaded dieting yo-yo effect

This approach is not a magic bullet to lose weight. Even though you still need to put some effort in, it will be a lot easier than things you have tried in the past. Evolutionary speaking, your body does not want to lose weight! But together we will create healthy habits in your daily life that will allow you to lose weight on auto-pilot, without feeling restricted in what you do.

It will be easier for you to lose weight than in the past because we will use your body and mind in a way that offers the path of least resistance. If you want to lose weight follow my program, you can expect to lose 0.5-1 kg every week.

Actual client results: One of my clients was able to finally follow through on his New Year’s resolutions. He lost 6 kilos and was able to keep this weight off because he followed my program.

This is the ultimate approach to weight loss because it uses nutrition, psychology, and science, all while also taking your genetics into account. If you follow this advice, you will change your life for the better.

Enjoy a process with non-threatening small changes

You schedule your intake consult, we discuss what you want to achieve and what obstacles prevented you in the past from achieving your goals. Together we find a route that works for you. You and I decide together on an approach that fits with your personal needs because you are unique and your situation is different from others.

At no point during the program should you feel overwhelmed or anxious that you might slip up. 1-on-1 coaching sessions are an integral part of the program. They offer you support and help to tailor your approach and take your private-, social- and family life into account.

By helping you to make small changes to your nutrition, your mindset, and activity level, you will start to lose weight effortlessly. All the small changes slowly add up and will result in big changes to your weight and overall happiness.

This approach will unquestionably be the last “diet” you ever have to follow. Why? During the coaching, you will receive the tools you need to feel more confident in maintaining your healthy weight on your own.

An expert you can trust and rely on

Trying to lose weight can be frustrating, especially with all the conflicting information out there. One week something is good for you, the next week it makes you sick. It’s easy to get confused with all the fad diets and nutrition myths out there. You want the advice from an expert that has the right credentials, that can relate to your personal situation, but that also knows how to enjoy delicious food.

Certified credentials that give you trust

As a CPD certified Nutrition Coach and certified Weight Loss Consultant I can give you expert advice that you can rely on because it’s based on science and psychology. I studied communication science and consumer psychology. My research on food choices has been published in the scientific literature. The methods and practices that I use are grounded in evidence-based science because I want to save you time and unnecessary frustrations in your weight loss journey.

Personal experience that relates to you

But importantly than the credentials – I personally get it, because I have been where you are right now. My experience is not purely based on textbook knowledge, because I spent almost 15 years losing and gaining weight myself. When I was 18 years old I was 120 kilos.

  • Just like you, I wanted to finally feel happy with my body
  • Just like you, I wanted to break out of the cycles of losing 10 kilos and gaining 12 kilos shortly after
  • Just like you, I wanted to have more energy and feel stronger
Weight loss coaching before photo

Feeling good in your skin is not purely determined by a number on the scale. It’s about how you look at yourself, how you approach food and what you do to nourish your body. We often use food to cope with stress, anxiety, and problems. That’s what I did in the past too.

I lost more than 35 kilos and am able to keep this weight off, but I had to learn everything the hard way. Which approaches work (losing weight) and which approaches back-fire (gaining the weight back)? Ultimately, I have received coaching myself to change my mindset and break free of my old patterns. Coaching helped me tremendously and I want to help you to achieve the same results. That’s why I trained to become a certified coach myself. 

Passion for good food, just like you

As a two-time cookbook author [1, 2] & passionate foodie, I know that nutritious food does not have to be boring! It’s not about removing things from your diet, it’s about healthier elements and options.

You will never stick to a diet or lifestyle change if you don’t like the food. If an approach results in cravings, it’s destined to fail! You want to indulge every now and then without feeling guilty because life is about balance.

We tend to flip-flop between super restrictive dieting and an ‘I don’t care and need this now’ attitude. Some of my clients feel much more comfortable in their ability to control their eating because they took part in my program.

Optional: DNA research – Leveraging your genetics for even better results

We are all unique and different. DNA research helps you to better understand what makes you special. It’s not about just your heritage anymore. The latest DNA research can be used to help you get the best out of your body. By fine-tuning your nutrition to your genetics, you make your body run more efficiently. This approach is called nutrigenomics.

Think of it as a car engine. Some engines are made for petrol and some engines are made for diesel. You want to make sure you are using the right fuel for the right engine, don’t you? 

By knowing your genetic markup you can utilize what makes your body unique to your advantage. To help you to get the best out of yourself, I have partnered up with DNA-research company Omnigen.

Omnigen is the Dutch partner for biomarker discovery, clinical studies, and other biological and genetics questions. It’s a team of ambitious scientists who all have a background in genetics and/or bio-informatics.

Together we believe that cutting-edge technology, backed by evidence-based science, can help you to become your ultimate self.

DNA analyses can be part of your weight loss program, but it doesn’t have to. The choice is up to you! In case you are unsure if DNA guided weight loss is right for or if you have any concerns, I can advise you on this.

If you want to know more about the science and approach how leveraging your genetics can help to improve your weight loss, your overall nutrition, and your athletic performance, click here to get the answers.

Reach peak athletic performance

If you want to excel in your sport or if you are training for a specific event (like a marathon or an obstacle run), fine-tuning your sports nutrition and tailored exercises can help you to perform better. Besides weight loss coaching, I also offer advice for amateur athletes that want to improve their performance. Together we analyze your food intake and training schedule. With small adjustments, based on scientific research with proven results, you will be quickly able to outperform yourself.

Try the intake consult for free (valued €85)

If you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same disappointing results. But you can change this, with the help of an expert

Photos were taken by the talented Renata Chede. Photos courtesy of Amy Pratt