Most popular recipes of 2016

The 3 most clicked, downloaded and liked recipes of 2016

With more than 110+ recipes on this site, there’s a big chance you missed some of the all-time favorites!

Back in the days, I set up this blog to keep myself motivated to write my first cookbook. So I’m very proud to say that the 3 recipes underneath are all featured in my cookbook In Johnny’s Kitchen. These recipes are tried and trusted by hundreds and hundreds of people.

Here are the 3 most clicked, downloaded and liked recipes of 2016:

Pasta carbonara – silky smooth goodness with hints of bacon and garlic

Are you a fan of silky pasta carbonara? This one has a hint of garlic and bacon in it making it even better and more delicious. So quick yet so delicious. Here’s the silky carbonara recipe.

The recipe also got featured on FoodGawker

Easy oven-baked meatballs – just perfect for a party of buffet

These meatballs are an excellent crowd-pleaser! Delicious little flavor bombs. Because you bake them in the oven, your house won’t smell like a greasy fatty fry-up. + you have more time to get ready for your big event. Get the recipe here.

Oreo-stuffed brownies – do I need to say more?

Crunchy, fudgy, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. Based on the ultra-creamy and rich mousse au chocolat cake recipe, this one really puts the cherry on top with crispy cacao-y (is that a word?) Oreos. Get the recipe here.

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