Most popular recipes of 2017

The 3 most clicked, downloaded and liked recipes of 2017

With more than 110+ recipes on this site, there’s a big chance you missed some of the all-time favorites!

In terms of cuisines and recipes, 2017 was all over the place. My travels to Asia, as well as several trips within Europe, inspired me to broaden my repertoire and dip into all kinds of different local cuisines. … And still, a simple apple cake became the most clicked recipe on my site that year.

Here are the 3 most clicked, downloaded and liked recipes of 2017:

Idiot-proof apple cake – Impossible to mess up

An apple cake so easy even the most untalented baker can’t mess it up. A few simple ingredients, easy steps and delicious fudgy apple cake. Get the easy recipe here.

Dutch Hutspot – Dutch classic with a regional twist

Potatoes, carrots and onions all cooked and mashed together with a hint of sweetness from pancake-syrup. Sounds weird? It’s delightful! Serve with smoked sausage! Get the recipe here.

Japanese ramen with all the fixings – Warming for belly and soul

Nothing better for the soul that a big bowl of soup! This Japanse ramen with a quick stock made from scratch gives delivers that instant hit of coziness. Get the recipe here.

Do you own a slow-cooker? Try this recipe for slow-cooker chicken tantanmen ramen – I personally think it’s even better!

Bonus: Polish Zapiekanka – Poland’s streetfood pizza-baguette

Zapiekanka is Poland’s answer to the pizza with mushrooms and lots of cheese. If you go out in Poland you will find this treat at most street-corners. My take on Zapiekanka got featured the local Polish newspaper Panorama. Get the recipe here.

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