My cookbook has a name! (Contest results!)

The first cookbook I’m gonna publish will be called “In Johnny’s Kitchen”!

Pretty much exactly one month ago I asked you my dear readers how I should name my very first cookbook. The price to be won in this little contest: A copy of my cookbook, signed and delivered to your doormat!

Obviously I have good news here: there is a winner! Sometimes simplicity is king. My first cookbook will be called “In Johnny’s Kitchen” – the submission of our Dutch reader ‘Culinessa‘. Culinessa, you’ll receive a copy of the book once it’s ready!

For some this title might sounds a bit too straight forward to win, so why did I choose this title instead of others? There are 3 main reasons: 1. it’s simple and memorable, 2. It’s also the name of the website where it all started, and 3. It’s also the name I chose for my business.

Now the question you’ll all have: when will this cookbook finally be ready?? Turns out self-publishing a book takes quite a lot more time than I accounted for in the first place. My friend Erwin, who’s in charge of the design of the book, is still busy putting all my way too long texts into the book layout, and with me being on vacation at the moment in Asia, I expect the book to be finished mid May.

What other submissions for the book name have I received? Underneath you can find the whole list of all submissions:

  • Easy cooking by Johnny! (@djoezzzz)
  • Easy does it! (@djoezzzz)
  • Eat, party, laugh (@madamelott)
  • Everyday recipes (Alecs Variny)
  • Heeereeeee’s Johnny’s cookbook (@Tom1694)
  • Homey feels through simple meals (@feedingthefiya)
  • In Johnny’s Kitchen: At My Table (Drea Wingrove)
  • Plated Inspiration (@feedingthefiya)
  • In Johnny’s Kitchen: Family Feasts (Drea Wingrove)
  • In Johnny’s Kitchen: Pantry to Plate (Drea Wingrove)
  • In Johnny’s Kitchen: Plated (Drea Wingrove)
  • In Johnny’s Kitchen (@Culinessa)
  • In your kitchen with Johnny (@cake2eat2)
  • Inspired (@culyzaar)
  • Johnny hits the spot (@cake2eat2)
  • Johnny’s journey through food (@feedingthefiya)
  • Johnny’s soul food (@isili81)
  • Kitchen affairs (@die_gartenliebe)
  • My home on your plate (@feedingthefiya)
  • Passion on a plate (@feedingthefiya)
  • Simply served (@feedingthefiya)
  • Soul on plates (@isili81)
  • The Daring Dish (@feedingthefiya)
  • The Dutch masters oven (Kingston Prescott)

Thank you all so much for submissions, love and support! I’ll keep you posted about the developments of the book. Next week there will be a big post about my culinary travels to Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore on the site!

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