My cookbook is ready!

My cookbook is finally finished – get your copy now on Amazon!

After almost 2 years of dedication, commitment and perseverance I finally made one of my life long dreams come true: I have published my own personal cookbook!
“In Johnny’s Kitchen” is about all the comforting dishes I have prepared countless times for my friends and family. They are now finally bound on paper, so you can make them at home as well! In the book you will find more than 70 easy recipes from cuisines from all over the world. From German, Dutch, over Mexican, Thai and Japanese, to my fusion twists on familiar classics.

Still not convinced? Have a look inside!


Thank you everyone so much for believing in me and encouraging me to make this dream come true! Thank you for all your contributions to make the recipes even better!

Get you own personal copy of “In Johnny’s Kitchen” on Amazon now, no matter where you are in the world!

Who could resists that happy proud face on the cover?

And of course: As soon as we see each other the next time in person I’m more than happy to sign your copy and treat you to a beer!!

Want to join the inner circle?

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