Name my book and I will do more food challenges again

We all need a challenge once in a while in order to grow!

Right now I unfortunately can’t find the time to write new recipes and post them here on the site. There is a very good reason for this though, I’m busy with the final stretchย finishing my cookbook! All recipes are done, now it’s up to doing the layout and design with my talented friend and colleague Erwin Spil.ย I realized two things in the busy last weeks: I want to challenge you, and I want to challenge myself.

1. Challenge for you: I need your help naming my cookbook!

Working in marketing and market research for a couple of years now I learned mostly one thing: It does not matter what me (the producer) thinks, it’s about what you (the reader / consumer) thinks! Sometimes the producer should just shut up and listen to the consumer…

It is frightening to put my fate into your hands, but I’m more than willing to give it a try!

What should I name my cookbook??

Let me know what you think is the best title!

The cookbook is my personal journey through food. It’s the comforting dishes that I make for my friends and family when they visit me. No fancy recipes, all good and simple foods that every amateur cook can make at home. I want to show the world that you don’t need to be a trained chef to write a cookbook. You also do not need huge amounts of money or a publisher. Everyone with a good amount of dedication, perseverance and passion can create the things they love and share them with the world! My cookbook is about inspiring people to cook more and dare to try new dishes.

The winner will receive a signed copy of my cookbook as a thank you gift. I’ll choose the winner based on the title I think fits best with the vision I have for the book and will announce the winner here on the site and on Instagram.

Place your suggestion in the comments below or send them to me via johnny[at]


2. Challenge for me: I want to do more cooking challenges again

When the book is done, I will have more time again to focus on what I actually do love most: Cooking! Not cooking the same old dishes all over again, but trying new dishes, pulling myself out of my comfort zone and doing cooking challenges again.

You might still remember the crazy creations I came up with in the challenges with Fiya and Jordan. – the “scallop s’more sandwich” and the “damn sweet taco“.ย I miss those days quite a lot!!! Luckily there are a lot of good, crazy and talented food bloggers out there. Local Dutch food bloggers Nombelina and Culinessa. For my Dutch speaking readers, do you want to participate as well? Check out the guidelines for the Food Blog Challenge here and participate every month in a new cooking challenge!


Even though I don’t have the time right now to do the latest challenge (#10 Cha Sieuw) I’m going to throw a late entry in there for challenge #7 – Japanese ramen!

The recipe for my take on Japanese ramen noodle soup can be found here

Pinky-promise that I will participate in many more cooking challenges to come! But more importantly, are you up for the little challenge I set up for you? Come up with the best title for my cookbook and win a free signed copy!

Want to join the inner circle?

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  1. Zahra Saaidi aka @culyzaar
    March 12, 2017

    How about ‘Inspired’ ?
    You want to inspire and you are an inspiration to many of us.

    • johnny
      March 17, 2017

      Thanks Zahra! That sounds cool and simple ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kingston Prescott
    March 13, 2017

    Book name: The Dutch Masters Oven

    • johnny
      March 17, 2017

      Haha that would be partly lying! I’ve been living in the Netherlands for 10 years but I’m still more German than Dutch

  3. Drea Wingrove
    April 8, 2017

    My suggestions:
    In Johnny’s Kitchen: Pantry to Plate
    In Johnny’s Kitchen: Plated
    In Johnny’s Kitchen: Family Feasts
    In Johnny’s Kitchen: At My Table

    Good luck with your book!

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