3x Not your standard guacamole

3 recipes to give your boring guac’ a make-over

No idea who came up with it, but apparently the 16th of September is Guacamole day!! Who doesn’t love a good excuse to indulge in some extra guac’?

Guac on everything! This Mexican style Bolognese pasta has guacamole on top!

Avocados are great for you – in moderation

Avocados are incredibly good for your body. Avocados are loaded with fiber, have lots of good fats, and folate. They also contain more potassium than your average banana.

Did you know that the recommended serving size is only about 1/3 of an avocado? With still about 80 calories per serving size they pack quite a calorific punch. It’s really easy to go overboard…

3 guacamole recipes with a twist

 Mexican pasta with guac’

This recipe is a quick and easy weeknight dinner. Tex-mex pasta with browned beef, onion, garlic, tomato, chili-sauce, and guac on top. Ideal for those days when you really feel like cooking. You can dish it up in less than 30 minutes.

Chunky guacamole with beans

If you want to add some extra creaminess and flavor to your guac’ add some black beans. They are not only high in fiber and potassium, but also add texture. Garlic, chili and some tomatoes add extra color and body.

Find this recipe together with more than 60 others in my cookbook “The Food I Love to Make for My Friends and Family”.

Grilled eggplant with blue cheese guacamole, corn and walnuts

It might sound like an odd combination but it’s based on chemistry and flavor science. Eggplant, blue cheese, corn and walnuts all share similar flavor compounds. That’s why they work so well together. Get the recipe here.

Do you want to learn more about food pairing and become a more confident cook? Check out the flavor combinations guide.

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