Still don’t know what to cook for X-mas?

Get instant digital access to the world’s greatest Christmas cookbooks!

Does cooking the Christmas menu this year still sound like an agonizing chore? Embrace the digital revolution and find your new favorite holiday recipes online. All in one place. Tried recipes, fool-proof and trusted by thousands that have cooked them before you.

ckbk – the Spotify for cookbooks made your Christmas cooking just a whole lot easier. Tick-tock – time is ticking!

Find your perfect 30-minute Christmas dinner with just 3 clicks

From hassle-free Christmas recipes to show-stopping classics – no matter if you are vegetarian, vegan or prefer a good ol’ Christmas turkey or goose.

ckbk currently has 1044 recipes purely revolving around the festive season, and the collection is growing by the week. Want to cook a Christmas ham, beef roast, some light Christmas side dishes, traditional Brussels sprouts or a British Christmas pudding?

Simply search recipes by name or ingredient, just like you would do on Google

Create your own Christmas menu

Favorite your selected holiday recipes, save them to a collection and share them with others. Create a personal Christmas collection and have recipes from all kinds of different cookbooks in a central place.

All your Christmas recipes and ingredients are always available on your phone – wherever you go, wherever you are. (Even if you need to do some last-minute finishing touches at someone else’s place.)

Try some exotic Christmas recipes this year

Spice up this year’s holidays with treats from around the world. Don’t stick to the same favorites year after year. Christmas differs a lot from country to country and now it’s easier than ever to try regional dishes from other ends of the world!

Christmas comes in all kinds of different flavors! From Irish Christmas cake, baked ham from the Philippines and Georgian Khachapuri cheese bread

ckbk is cheaper than your standard Netflix subscription

Do you want to own a big cookbook collection or do you need a few really good recipes for this year’s holidays?

Maybe you even want to become the family-crowned queen or king of Christmas and consider buying Josceline Dimbleby’s bestseller “Christmas Cooking”? The paperback is about $10 on Amazon. You can read it cover to cover on ckbk alongside 370+ other bestsellers for $8.99 per month.

Get 30% off your ckbk subscription if you use this link

Christmas cooking for people with food allergies

Are some of your holiday guests suffering from food allergies? ckbk also has you covered with collections of “free from” recipes that range from gluten-free and egg-free to dairy-free. Now even your aunt with the dairy allergy can finally enjoy some holiday spirit!

Why ckbk? Because ckbk delivers you the cookbooks and reference works you always wanted, digital, cover-to-cover and ultra-searchable for $8.99 a month (/€9.49 a month).

Why am I recommending ckbk here?

I met Matt –the passionate co-founder of ckbk- a few months back in the bustling startup scene. His radical new approach to digitizing cookbooks immediately spoke to me.

His product ckbk solves a problem that I personally had for the last years. When I really got into cooking in 2013, I quickly lost track of which recipe was in which cookbook. Once your cookbook collection grows to over 20 cookbooks you probably know what I’m talking about.

Try ckbk for free! After your 2 week trial, you get 30% off your subscription if you use this link

Pssst: You can just cancel your trial after your Christmas cooking! (but you probably don’t want to)

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