Too much white chocolate? 2 ways to use it

What to do with too much white chocolate? 2 recipes to help you out

White chocolate splits the crowd. Love it or have it – white chocolate is here to stay!

Did you end up with too much white chocolate in your cupboard? Here are two ways to help you out.

Innovative cookie finalist: Brittle cookies with white chocolate, black olives, and walnuts

Create some award-winning cookies at home! This recipe ended up in the finals of an innovative cookie baking contest.

Black olives, white chocolate, and walnuts sound like a really odd combination… But they work really well together! All three ingredients share some of the chemical flavor compounds. You can find the recipe here.

Do you want to learn more about the science and chemistry of flavor combinations? Understand why certain flavors work together and become a more self-assured cook. The book Flavor Math explains why 1 + 1 = 3. Feel more confident in the kitchen after reading a single page.

Better than Starbucks: Simple white chocolate coffee

Do you love Starbucks but want to save a few bucks? Make your own coffee with white chocolate flavor at home. No syrups, no bullshit. Delicious coffee with the subtle creamy flavor of white chocolate. Done in 5 minutes. What are you waiting for?

Are you team white chocolate or team dark chocolate? Let us know in the comments below!

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