Update: What happened the last 6 months – caution: #realtalk

I have been absent for a while but that’s about to change again!

It has been a bit quiet around here and the main reason was just that ‘life happened’. After almost ending in a burnout, I quit my job in market research. This was my way of pulling the emergency break. It took me a few years, but I realized that market research is not something that makes my heart beat faster anymore. (That’s food – duuh…). I decided to look for something that’s more fulfilling and better aligned with my passion for food. Next to meeting a lot of new people (food enthusiasts and others), started some fun collaborations (that you will see here soon), and I applied for various marketing jobs at different food startups. To keep my fridge filled I began working on different freelance projects.

On top of that, and probably more importantly, I fell in love and all of the sudden writing recipes became less of a priority in my life. Spending time together with my girlfriend, getting to know each other, traveling together, going for drinks and eating out in fancy and not so fancy restaurants became the go-to options which filled up a lot of my time – and still does.

Your humble author trying to capture the sex appeal of a roasted beer can chicken

The last months just flew by but at some point, I realized that I miss recipe writing a lot. What I was missing more, however, was a motivation to pick it up again… And then a Christmas miracle happened! After eating for 4 days straight around Christmas and a brunch that lasted 14 hours, I realized that I got chubby again. While I was in pretty good shape when I was following a ketogenic diet at the beginning of 2018, I put on a few pounds again. 18 lbs to be exact! I’m up to 89 kg again. Even though I tend to gain and lose weight rather quickly, I’m also very aware that I’m an emotional eater like so many of us. Food is comfort – it’s called comfort food for a reason. And when times are tough we all reach for those things that make us feel better again. For me, that’s primarily pizza. My personal high-score for ordering pizza was 7x in 3 weeks. That is pizza every 3rd day. Shame on my favorite pizza restaurant to offer 2 pizzas for the price of one in August… 😀

Even if it’s a corny New Year’s resolution, it’s time to get into better shape again! What this means for me personally will be shared here in a few days. For you this means finally more recipes again, intertwined with some nutritional advice to help you eat healthier as well. Stay posted!

Maybe I should even start writing another book this year? In case you want to learn more about flavors and how to combine them, check out my second book “Flavor Math” which is available as print or digitally (PDF)! 

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  1. jp
    January 9, 2019

    the question is… which is your favourite pizza restaurant? any good recomendation for when i’ll go to visit amsterdam?

    • johnny
      January 10, 2019

      Hey JP,
      For ordering in I can really advise “Pizzalina”, good quality pizza, proper value for money and fast delivery.
      But if you are visiting Amsterdam and want to dine out, I can probably more recommend “De PizzaBakkers” or “Faam”.
      Let me know when you are over! We should definitely grab a beer and bite in person!

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