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One of my main goals in the last two years was to travel more and see more of the world! As New Year’s resolution for 2017 I decided to travel 8 times for pleasure by plane. How did that turn out so far? I turned out so well that I put a new section on my site where you can find all my travels!

  • Colombia – Colorful ceviches and deep-fried foods
  • Czech Republic – Feeling right at home with sausage, goulash and beer
  • Germany – Eating currywurst in Germany’s capital
  • Hong Kong – Feels like eating dim sum in the future
  • Ireland – Proper pub food and Guinness
  • Japan – A lot more than just sushi
  • Poland – Getting to know Silesian cuisine
  • Portugal – Delicious seafood and pastries in sunny Portugal
  • Singapore – Ending up in the Asian melting-pot and eating a lot of Indian food

Check it out and get inspired to travel the world! Want to follow me on every step along the way? Sign up for the newsletter underneath and be the first to hear about new culinary adventures!

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